About Eric Krebs

Eric Krebs, whose theatrical producing career spans more than 40 years, founded and directed the Off-Broadway’s John Houseman Theater Center and Douglas Fairbanks Theater for over 20 years. He currently operates the 160 seat Theater555 at 555West 42nd Street in New York City.

Eric Krebs, whose theatrical career spans more than 40 years, has worked as a producer, a theater founder and operator, a college professor and occasionally as a performer. His producing organization, Eric Krebs Theatrical Management, was founded in 1979.

In 1974 He founded the George Street Playhouse regional theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey, now in its 47th year. He built and operated Off-Broadway’s John Houseman Theater Center and Douglas Fairbanks Theater for over 20 years. He most recently built an operated the Playroom Theater in New York City.

He is the lead producer of ROMEO AND BERNADETTE, a new musical that played off-Broadway to rave reviews just before covid hit. There are now plans to present it on Broadway in 2022. (www.romeoandbernadette.com)

Off-Broadway in 2016 he created That Physics Show (Drama Desk Award- over 500 performances) and added That Chemistry Show in 2017 (over 300 performances). In 2020 he founded the not for profit Science Theater Company that seeks to join science, theater and education in a "library" of science shows (www.sciencetheatercompany.com)

On Broadway he produced: Bill Maher: Victory Begins At Home (Tony nomination for Best Special Theatrical Event), Neil Simon’s The Dinner Party, It Ain’t Nothin’ But The Blues (nominated for 4 Tony Awards including Best Musical) and Electra (nominated for 3 Tony Awards).

Current, recent and not so recent Off-Broadway productions include: Romeo and Bernadette in association with the Amas Musical Theater, I Spy A spy- a declassified musical, The Bullpen, Sing: A South African Celebration, A Class Act, Greed: A Musical for Our Times, Laughing Liberally...Make America Great Again!, The Castle- 4 voices, 70 years in prison, For Lovers Only, Will Durst: The All-American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing, Toxic Audio (2004 Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience), Rounding Third, Langston Hughes’s Little Ham, Golf:The Musical, Tallulah Hallelujah starring Tovah Feldshuh, A Pure Gospel America, The Big Bang, the world premiere of Bash written by Neil LaBute, Serenade The World: The Music and Words of Oscar Brown, Jr., and This Is Our Youth by Kenneth Lonergan. Other New York producing credits include: Capitol Steps, Fyvush Finkel From Second Avenue To Broadway, The Passion Of Dracula, Fool For Love, King Of Schnorrers, The Rise Of David Levinsky, By And For Havel and Paul Robeson (starring Avery Brooks). Mr. Krebs produced Geoffrey Ewing’s Ali, the biography of Muhammed Ali, a theatrical production featured at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, as well as at the Mermaid Theater in London.

In 1974, he founded and for fourteen years was the Producing Director of the George Street Playhouse, a professional (LORT) regional theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey. For 25 years, he was the chairman of Amas Musical Theatre, a not-for-profit theater founded by Rosetta LeNoire and dedicated to the training of “city kids” in the performing arts and the creation of new musicals for multi-ethnic casts. He was awarded the Robert Whitehead Award for excellence in producing in February, 1999.

In April, 2007 he performed his own 90 minute adaptation of King Lear, a one person presentation entitled “Considering Lear.” In the fall of 2016, he performed My Father's Voice, a solo presentation of his father's letters from the Ellis Island Prison and the War in the Pacific, 1938-1945.

Eric Krebs is the founder of the informational website studentrush.org. as well as the owner of the School Theatre Ticket Program.

Mr. Krebs recently retired after 50 years as a professor of theater arts at Baruch College, City University of New York , where he continued a career as an educator that began in 1969 at Rutgers University (37 years) in New Jersey, where he is professor emeritus.